Owen H Dunne (OHD) released his debut album entitled mine. in June of 2021.  OHD is a multi-talented New Orleans artist who developed an interest in all things musical at a very young age. OHD started creating his own original, unique electronic music in 2015.

OHD’s music was born of an attempt to capture the range of emotions experienced when a new love transforms us. OHD’s electronic music includes elements of R&B, rap, hip-hop, with a big dose of an alternative sound. His music is influenced by Afro-house, K Pop & music of the queer ballroom scene. OHD strives to create visual imagery in song that is as palpable as vintage black photography. 

In 2015, OHD released a self-titled 5 track EP, OHD.  He has more recently released a track entitled voodo Nile Ashton Remix (feat. Shangobumi Durotimi) which is an upbeat rap tune. His subsequent release was a vulnerable electronic ballad entitled Alonely, and What To Do About Us, a heartfelt queer love song that resonates with anyone who has ever loved, lost and dared to love again.

OHD played the 2019 New Orleans Film Festival and has performed in local New Orleans venues.  He is currently making music and completing an MFA in Film Directing from Columbia College Chicago.